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Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Very Important Announcement
Following the official recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, the US Department for Transportation has banned the use of these phones if you are flying to or from the United States.
Advice for customers travelling to/from the United States
The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority.
•       If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note7, you must not turn your phone on or connect it to any power source during your journey. 
•       If your bag is checked in at the gate, please remove your Galaxy Note7, and place it in your hand baggage.
•       Refer customers to the FAA website for further information
Advice for customers travelling to/from any other destination:
British Airways recommends that you follow the below advice:
•      Turn off the device.
•      Disconnect the device from any charging equipment.
•      Disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone (e.g. alarm clock).
•      Protect the power switch to prevent its unintentional activation.
•      Keep the device in your hand baggage or on your person (do not place it in your checked baggage).
Please be guided accordingly.